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We are a multi service company with certified and insured personnel that was formed with an unparalleled client experience in mind. Our combined decades of work experience cover a broad spectrum of the water, well and septic industry, allowing us to provide fast, professional, and dependable service. We perform water sampling in Michigan and Indiana, well and septic evaluations in Michigan.

We service Berrien, Cass, Van Buren, St Joseph, and Branch counties in Michigan.

Phone and Fax: 833-442-6669
Email: info@h2ooperatorsllc.com
Mail: PO Box 361, Berrien Springs, MI 49103
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Well and Septic Evaluations

Whether it's for a realty transaction or personal information, we offer Well and Septic Evaluations in the state of Michigan.  Our evaluations are completed by personnel with years of experience.

Well Evaluation $110.00

Our evaluators check the visible and accessible components of the well system by:
- locating the wellhead to assess its condition and that of the wellhead cap and electrical conduit
- examining the bladder tank/ pressure tank/ holding tank for proper function
- determining the system’s overall recovery time (GPM).

Measurements and a sketch are provided.

Well Evaluation with Water Quality (Coliform/E.coli and Nitrates) $150.00

Septic Evaluation $150.00

Please note that we require the septic to be pumped at the time of evaluation. This is a separate cost that is additional to the fee above.

Our evaluators check the visible components of the septic system by:
- assessing the overall functionality of the system by ensuring that the incoming line going from the house to the septic tank is open
- opening the tank itself to determine if the tank is at low, normal, or high operating level
- checking to see if the tanks baffle(s) are in place
- determining if there are any effluent filters in place
- checking for effluent runback from the drainage system during the course of pumping the septic tank
- determining the tanks overall integrity once pumped
- checking dosing and injection pumps

We also attempt to identify the final disposal type and location and assess whether further investigation is warranted based on our findings.

Well and Septic Evaluation with Water Quality (Coliform/E.coli and Nitrates) $250.00

Please note that we require the septic to be pumped at the time of evaluation. This is a separate cost that is additional to the fee above.

Well and Septic Drawings and Measurements $140.00

Water Sampling Services

We offer water sampling services for residential and commercial customers as a convenient way to know what’s in their water. Below are the water tests most commonly used for residential and commercial water and wells. Please contact us if you are looking for a test that is not listed below.

We charge a $50.00 trip charge fee plus the cost of each test listed below. 

Coliform/E.coli $20.00

Nitrates $20.00

Arsenic $20.00

Lead $20.00

Iron $20.00

Hardness $20.00

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